BRESSER Researcher ICD LED 20-80x Microscope

Цена: 466.03лв.
Производители BRESSER
Код на артикула: 47407
Гаранция: 60 месеца
Наличност: 1/2 дни
Bresser Researcher ICD LED 20-80x Microscope is an all-purpose instrument: it is a stereo model that also serves as a biological one. The device is equipped with upper and lower LED illuminators that can operate independently or both at once. Brightness level is adjustable. The binocular head is 360° rotatable for comfortable observations. The microscope comes with two pairs of wide field eyepieces with 10x and 20x magnification. The diopter adjustment mechanism allows users to adjust the instrument to their individual needs. The microscope is powered by an electrical outlet; however, the device can work completely autonomously.